East Meets West: The Best Place to Stand

Many people will tell you that going too far in either direction can be a bad thing; well, too much of anything can be a bad thing (even water). When it comes to Eastern culture vs. Western culture, I believe the best thing to do is to gain the best aspects of each.

That is, combining the logic of the West with the inner peace of the East. While the West is correct in maintaining the life is about progress, about evolving toward something higher, the East in also correct in emphasizing that we must let go of control with the ego, because we can’t progress using ego alone, and progress is near impossible without ego at all.

It’s like the concept from Russell Brand, “You can change the world if you can do so without anyone knowing about it.”

That is why it is so good to be worldly, because sometimes it is best to blend powers with different mindsets and values. There doesn’t seem to be one “all-prevailing” way to think and go about life, so perhaps the best way to do so is to live in as many different lives as you can, while retaining the best aspects of each life and carrying them over into yours.

The best way to change the world is to

1.) Change yourself

2.) To know the world

3.) To diminish the ego while saving it (doing so without a name/face).